Temple Cleanse

Watering Within

I want to share with you a plan that God gave me to share with the world. If you are sick today and can’t get well, if  you just want to feel better, or just simply become balanced.This is the book with the plan for you!! Every phase of the Diabetic Fast journey is accomplished with watering yourselves. Water is a natural appetite suppressant. When you develop good and consistent water drinking habits, you can begin to maintain healthy weight. Most often, we mistake the body’s thirst signals as signs of hunger when the body is just asking for water to maintain its’ balanced natural levels. Please remember that when your body is dehydrated, fat cells become clunky, rubbery, and cannot metabolize easily. This means that the fat is harder to shed when you do not drink enough water. Water is especially important for athletes, gym fans and those who exert much energy while sweating during physical activity. Drinking water reduces cardiovascular stress and improves performance. Since water helps to reduce body temperature, it makes the whole workout routine safe and more effective. While fasting, diabetics should not conduct rigorous exercise routines since dehydration is a precaution. Water is an essential healing tool for people with a history of kidney stones. Since water dissolves calcium in the urine, and reduces calcium deposits on the skin, drinking at least eight 8-ounce glasses daily reduces the risks of stone formation and urinary tract infections. Drinking water is also great for reducing bladder infections, because water flushes out the bacteria that would cause the infection. Drinking plenty of water is also great in preventing urinary tract infections in both men and women by flushing impurities out of the system. When your body is hydrated you have more energy, less drainage from allergies, fewer colds, and phlegm (mucus) does not stick to and collect in your throat and lungs to cause respiratory conditions. Your cough is more productive, and the mucus expelled is clearer. Even sores and blisters that appear on your lips are minimized by drinking water, because those eruptions tend to favor dry areas of the body. Water is a powerful weapon in your war on colds and other illnesses. Water will help you to recover more quickly from almost every health disorder.Mild dehydration increases your susceptibility to viruses. This occurs especially for persons who are experiencing stress, or have an immune system that has been compromised by deadly diseases like cancer, AIDS or HIV. I know many of us do not drink enough water. It’s so easy to do, yet simply difficult to remember. I hope by reading this information that you have gained new respect for water. Let me share with you a few tips on drinking life (water) since the effects of even being mildly dehydrated can have negative effects on the body.

pg 22-25

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